What’s the Difference Between Plan B and The Abortion Pill? 

Plan B and the abortion pill — what’s the difference? These two seemingly similar pills are actually quite different. If you think you might be pregnant or recently had an unexpected positive pregnancy test, you may be wondering about the differences in these medications. North Care Women’s Clinic is here to help!  What is Plan

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7 Early Signs of Pregnancy

If you missed a period, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that you’re pregnant. That may be, but it’s not the only sign of pregnancy and it could also just be a sign of high stress in your life or another possible medical condition.  If you think you might be pregnant, here are seven

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Where Do You Get Your Information?

From quizzes about which Disney princess you are, to videos of cats wearing pants, the internet is full of all kinds of information.  It’s easy to waste hours scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest. The internet was built as an accessible way for anyone to share information.  While this is fun, it also means that anyone

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