Can I Place My Baby for Adoption Even if the Birth Father Disagrees?

Thinking about adoption as you face an unplanned pregnancy? Adoption has lots of options and gives your child hope and a future.  Whether you have decided already, or are still going back and forth, know that you have the final say. You are not alone as you navigate all that this decision will bring.  What

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What Are the Different Types of Abortion?

Why does it matter what type of abortion procedure you have? Were you aware that there is more than one type of abortion procedure?  Here is what to know if considering abortion for an unplanned pregnancy. Making an educated and informed choice is essential because there are steps to take to protect your health and

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What to Know if Considering Abortion in Lansdale, PA

If you are pregnant and looking for information regarding your options, North Care Women’s Clinic is here for you. You deserve to have all the facts to make an informed decision that leaves you feeling confident.  Make an appointment to speak with a client advocate and a nurse in a compassionate, judgment-free environment so that

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