What are your thoughts about adoption?

Myths and misunderstandings surround the idea of adoption. Yes, like your other choices for your unplanned pregnancy, placing your child for adoption is difficult and should not be taken lightly. That’s where North Care Women’s Clinic can help.

Learn more about making an adoption plan for your child to see if adoption is the right choice for you.

Adoption concerns

How can I be sure my baby will have a good home?

Adoptive parents are extensively evaluated through a lengthy process. High standards that are set by the state and agency must be met before a family will be allowed to adopt.

Additionally, many agencies make post-adoption visits to check on your child’s well-being.

It’s important to remember you are in control throughout the adoption process. Agencies can provide you with information about prospective adoptive families. When planning your child’s adoption, you choose the potential adoptive couple and the type of adoption plan right for you.

How will I know my child is safe?

If you choose either an open or semi­ open plan, you can meet and begin a relationship with the adoptive parents before your child’s birth. After your child is born and placed with the family, you will be able to continue this relationship.

What if I want to meet my baby in the future?

Any contact with your child will depend on the type of adoption plan you choose.

An open adoption will allow you to know and have contact with your baby. Open plans allow for a relationship between the birth mother and the adoptive family. The degree of openness varies from simply exchanging written information and photos to regularly scheduled visits.

A closed adoption plan maintains confidentiality for both the birth mother and the adopting family. Agencies will maintain records so that if a reunion is desired at some point in the future, the agencies can assist in that reunion based on state laws.

* Please know if you work with an agency, they will have a legal obligation to protect the privacy of the adoptive family, just as they will protect your privacy if you select a confidential adoption plan.

It’s essential to remember that you can select the type of adoption with which you are most comfortable. Some agencies may offer post-adoption counseling.

Isn’t adoption expensive?

Many adoption agencies provide free pregnancy-related services to you. Assistance with medical and living expenses is often available. If costs are involved, they may be covered by the adopting family.

Does the baby’s father need to know?

In PA, a father has to sign off on an adoption. If you and he disagree about adoption or have a difficult or complicated relationship, an adoption agency can help advocate for you.

Making your adoption decision

Adoption is a legal decision where the rights and responsibilities of parenting are moved from the birth couple to the adoptive couple. It is a permanent decision.

You can gain more understanding without committing to adoption by contacting an adoption agency. In fact, you cannot finalize the adoption until a minimum of 72 hours after giving birth. In Pennsylvania, you may also have 30 days to revoke the agreement.

Let us help you take a closer look at this option. Schedule an appointment to talk with us today. North Care Women’s Clinic is not an adoption agency and does not act as one.