Pregnancy may not have been in your plans. An options consultation provides clarity and control over your experience. At North Care, we’re not an abortion provider, but we will give you the information you need to make a fully informed choice.

Step One:

Verify your pregnancy with free pregnancy testing.

Step Two:

Confirm your pregnancy viability and gestational age with a free ultrasound. This information can help tell you the type and cost of abortion you might be eligible for by determining how far along your pregnancy is and whether it is viable or ending naturally in miscarriage.

Step Three:

Get tested for STDs to protect your reproductive health.

During your appointment, our staff can help you complete your checklist before an abortion.

What Do You Know About Abortion?

Learn the facts about abortion. Get a free options consultation and tests from one of our medical professionals. We’re here to help you make an informed and empowered choice. We can discuss your questions like:

What happens after I take the abortion pill?

Which type of abortion can I get?

How much does an abortion cost?

Before Taking the Abortion Pill

Schedule a confidential, free options consultation. Your consultation may include a pregnancy test, an ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is viable and how far along you are, and STD testing. If you have questions about how abortion works, we’re a resource you can trust as you plan your next steps.

North Care Women’s Clinic does not perform or refer for abortions, but many women who are thinking about abortion tell us they find these services helpful.