Are you considering parenting?

North Care Women’s Clinic and your local community are ready to help you with many services. We can share all available resources to help you with your pregnancy and parenting.

Ask us about the answers to these questions:

  • Can I get help with prenatal care?
  • How do I start prenatal care?
  • Are there financial resources available once I have my baby?
  • Can you help me tell my partner and my parents about the pregnancy?
  • Is it possible to finish my education or continue working?

The North Care Women’s Clinic team can confidently help you answer all those questions!

Isn’t having a child expensive?

You may be able to work either a full or part-time job. Some jobs offer healthcare benefits for both you and your child. If you are going to school, you may be able to qualify for assistance that will help with living expenses as well.

What other assistance is available?

There are a variety of resources available in your community.

North Care Women’s Clinic offers material aid with items such as diapers, wipes, baby clothes, shampoo, etc. Your advocate can provide referrals to local resources that are available to you.

You may have the option of living with relatives or close friends. It’s essential that you have conversations about bringing a child into your living arrangements and how this will affect your relationships.

Prenatal care

Once you have confirmed a viable pregnancy, the next step is getting into prenatal care if you have not already. Your current OB/GYN can provide this care. If you do not have insurance, your client advocate can help you learn more about your insurance options.

Consistent care is vital to ensure the health of yourself and the pregnancy and is key in finding and preventing any problems that may occur. If you are concerned about paying for prenatal care, help is available. 

North Care Women’s Clinic offers referrals and helps to navigate resources available for assistance with pregnancy and prenatal care in the North Penn area.

How can I know if this is the best decision for me?

The best decision is an informed decision. It is essential to take the time to get all the information on your options to know what is best for you and your child.

Talk openly and honestly with your family and friends. Those who know you best can be a source of help for you as you consider becoming a parent and all the many changes it will bring to your life.

Taking the time, gathering the information, and seeking counsel will help you feel assured that you have made the best choice.

Is the father of the baby required to help me?

You do not have to tell the baby’s father you are pregnant, but fathers have legal rights in Pennsylvania if they choose to pursue them. If you decide to parent and want help, he will have a responsibility to help support your child. The court can help you pursue child support from the baby’s father.

In addition to financial help, you should consider how much your baby’s father will be involved in your baby’s daily life. Many things will determine his involve­ment, including your relationship with him. How much he desires to be involved and whether you want him to be involved are some considerations you will need to factor in as you think about this decision.

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