Are you unsure whether you will have a support system with your unplanned pregnancy? You don’t have to do your next steps alone. Even though support is important, remember that this is your pregnancy and your pregnancy decision to make. If you’re considering abortion, first consider what support systems are around you. 

We provide judgment-free information and support so you can make a confident choice for your future. Your pregnancy decision is yours to make, and it will impact you most.

A Support System

Do you have a strong family dynamic or group of friends by your side? This is amazing since not everyone has that kind of support. Prepare yourself mentally for the shock and unexpected responses that will come when sharing the news of your pregnancy.

They may feel a mix of emotions just like you do. Since they care about you, they will have questions and concerns. Through all of this, setting strong boundaries is important. 

Making A Decision for Yourself

As you consider your pregnancy options, it’s vital to realize that this decision affects you most. Think about whether you want loved ones to offer advice and, if so, the limitations that should be created. 

Knowing when and where to seek support can be confusing, especially with an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe your support system has a strong opinion or doesn’t agree. Remember, there’s a difference between someone listening to your situation and them actively making decisions for you. 

Talk Through Pregnancy Options

It’s important to learn about the risks of abortion and all your pregnancy options. We offer a free options consultation and pregnancy testing with one of our medical professionals. We’re here to help you make an informed and empowered choice. 

We Are With You

Our compassionate and non-judgmental team at North Care Women’s Clinic is here for you. Talk safely and confidently today about all your pregnancy options, including abortion. We can help you better understand the risks and what options you’re eligible for. 

Schedule an appointment today to learn about your pregnancy and your options. We offer a source of support if you don’t have a strong support system right now.