Are you considering an abortion after finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant? Abortion costs vary nationwide, but you deserve to understand what they are beforehand.

Though abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania, state funds cannot be used to cover the cost of most abortions. 

How Much Does Abortion Cost?

According to local abortion clinics in Southeast Pennsylvania, the approximate cost for the abortion pill (within 10 weeks of pregnancy) is $575-$800.

You will also need to factor in other costs, including the amount of time you will need to take off work and for your physical recovery. Read more about these costs here

Additional Costs Involved

You may not have factored in the amount of money and time abortion takes before and after the procedure. You may be required to pay for associated costs, including: 

  • Pre-abortion tests, such as ultrasounds, lab-quality pregnancy testing, STD testing, etc.
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Emergency care if there are abortion complications
  • Travel costs 

Does My Insurance Cover Abortion?

While abortion coverage differs in each state, Pennsylvania only meets federal requirements to fund abortion in cases of rape, life endangerment, and incest. Medicaid and health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act will only pay for abortion in the instances of rape, life endangerment, or incest.

Talk to your health insurance provider to learn what they cover for abortion procedures. If you have private insurance, your coverage will vary depending on your individual plan. 

Before An Abortion

It’s important to know where your pregnancy stands to determine your options. Schedule a pregnancy confirmation appointment today to get clarity through an ultrasound to determine how far along you are and whether you have a viable, healthy pregnancy. 

Learn the facts about abortion. We also offer free options consultations and tests from one of our medical professionals. We’re here to help you make an informed and empowered choice.