Summer is finally here and the beach is calling your name!  Whether it is a family vacation or a getaway with friends, we hope that you have a relaxing and fun time at the shore.  Keep in mind these six tips to stay healthy and safe while you are on your trip.

ferris wheel1. Have a buddy!

When it’s a nice evening and you want to walk into town or around the boardwalk, take a friend with you! Remember this is more than likely an unfamiliar area and wandering around alone in the dark isn’t a good idea. Besides, beach adventures are more fun with a friend by your side!

sitting on beach2. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Your goal might be to have a gorgeously golden tan, but remember you are going to want nice skin in thirty years too.  Protect your skin from getting burned by applying SPF 15 or more every couple hours while you are on the sand.  You can still enjoy sunbathing without looking like a lobster or risking skin cancer later on.

water4. Water, water, water

Just because you are sitting by the sea doesn’t mean you are staying hydrated. Keep drinking water, especially while you are out in the sun all day.


drinks4. Be Smart About Alcohol

Drinking too much can actually dehydrate you as well as impair your judgement.  Statistics say that alcohol use results un 22% of drowning injuries in beachgoers ages 15 and up.  Also, be aware that half of sexual assault victims are intoxicated at the time of the assault. It is important to be smart about drinking.


5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is always a helpful tip when you are in a new place. Notice the people around you and be aware of the weather and the waves when you are by the ocean. Remember the buddy system: Keep each other accountable and have each others backs!


6. Stay Near a Lifegaurd

Most drowning incidents occur when lifeguards aren’t present, so keep them in sight! They are more aware of the waves than you are, and are readily available to help if the need arises.  They are also a great marker of where you are sitting when the current seems to pull you away from your spot, so stay near the lifeguards! Plus, they have a reputation for being easy on the eyes! 🙂