2 Good Questions To Ask Your Gynecologist At Your Next Appointment

Let’s be honest, going to the gynecologist isn’t the most fun way to spend an hour. But, it’s important for your not only your sexual health, but your overall health.

It’s often helpful to think through questions you have for your gynecologist BEFORE your appointment, so you don’t forget in the moment. Remember, no question is off-limits, and even if you feel weird or uncomfortable asking something, keep in mind that your gynecologist is (1) there to answer your questions and put you at ease and (2) you are probably not the first or only one to ask.

Here’s a few questions to get you started:

“Is my period normal?”

Whether you’re experiencing some abnormal period symptoms, or just want to talk through your cycle, it’s smart to check in with your gynecologist about your period, whether you have more pain than normal, and how heavy your flow is.

Be prepared—your gynecologist will definitely ask you when your last period was. Instead of looking like a deer in the headlights or trying to count the days on your calendar, consider using an app to track your cycle.

Flo, Period Tracker, or Clue are just a few of the many helpful smartphone apps that remind you when your period is coming, give you a record of how long your cycle is, and allow you to track symptoms and flow.

“What are my risks for STDs and STIs? How often should I be tested?”

Don’t assume that your gynecologist is testing you for STDs or STIs, even if you’ve had regular checkups. It’s wise to talk to your gynecologist about your sexual activity, what your risks are, what tests you should take, and how often you should be tested.

Remember, North Care offers STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea for both males and females (contact us for more information). Click here for more information about different kinds of STDs.

At North Care, we’re here to help you navigate your sexual health. Going to the gynecologist doesn’t have to be scary or awkward, the key is to be prepared and relax. You got this!