Self Care During Pregnancy

Helping you take the first steps towards a healthy pregnancy. 

Once you confirm that you have a viable pregnancy, it’s important to take care of yourself.  Your body is undergoing a lot of changes, but there are plenty of ways you can help yourself to stay healthy.  You may feel overwhelmed with do’s and don’ts, but most of self care during pregnancy is just basic healthy behavior!

Here’s some good places to start: 

  • If you haven’t already, schedule your first prenatal care appointment. Click here to learn more about the first appointment.
  • Take daily prenatal vitamins
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Your body needs even more water than usual to function during pregnancy.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods. While you are eating for two, be careful not to overeat.  You only need about 300 additional calories per day to nourish your baby.
  • Get plenty of rest; aim for 7-9 hours every night.
  • Stay physically fit. Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor try to get 2.5 hours of moderate intensity aerobic activity a week.
  • Ask your doctor before stopping any current medications or starting any new medications.

Call us at 215.855.2424 to schedule an appointment to meet with a client advocate who can help you get started with prenatal care and answer questions you may have. 


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