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We’re here for you.

She just told you she’s pregnant.  As a guy, you may be feeling shocked, scared, unprepared to handle this.  You might feel like this is not your problem, and you don’t want or need to deal with the decision.

She didn’t get pregnant by herself, so don’t let her be alone now.

This is where we come in, to help BOTH of you.

At North Care Women’s Clinic we have male client advocates who have helped hundreds of men in your exact situation. They understand your concerns and fears, and are here to support you.  We offer  appointments for you and your partner with a male and female team of client advocates, who are here to help you work through this decision together and make sure both of your voices are heard and understood. These appointments are free of charge. We know this can be a stressful time, and it often helps couples to have a neutral third party to enable them  to hear each other out; to really listen.

Many men we see tell their partner, “I’ll support whatever you decide.” Sometimes this can come across as, “It’s your problem, I don’t want to be involved in this, you take care of it.”Your voice matters. Your thoughts make a huge difference. You can be there for her and make sure that you are both exploring all options and making a fully informed decision.

This includes finding out if she is really pregnant, and how far along she is.  Our free medical services can give you those answers.

Listen to her feelings and fears with open communication, and discuss your own. Be there for her.

Our appointments are confidential.  Every year we help hundreds of women facing unplanned pregnancies, and understand the importance of privacy.

Have questions? Call North Care Women’s Clinic at 215-855-2424 to schedule an appointment to get answers.

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